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Design Strategies & Frameworks that will Grow Your Business UPTO 5X in 6 months Without Trial & Errors

The most effective training on scientific ways to scale manufacturing business across industries

Rated 4.9⭐ by 30,000+ people

180 + Minutes of Learning Content

Access to VIP Business Owner Community

Interactive Workshop

Access to Actionable Tools & Case Studies

Interact with an Award Winner Business Coach

Make the most from this Exclusive Time with Dr Ameet Parekh in this Workshop

Get Immense value, frameworks, feedbacks and insights on building a scalable and profitable business

Rated 4.9⭐ by 30,000 + Business Owners

Why do you need to shift from an Entrepreneurs to Wealthprenurs?

The ultimate goal for any business is to generate wealth 

But in most cases businesses are running through cash in rotation 

Few critical reasons why small or medium enterprises fail to generate wealth are 

  • Lack of a Profitable Busines Model 
  • Lack of Proficient Team 
  • Lack of Strategies 
  • Lack of Management Frameworks 
  • Lack of Cashflow Management Strategeis

Which is why in the Entrepreneurs to Wealthprenurs Challenge we will talk and discuss these exact 5 frameworks and how to fix them.

This 100% Practical workshop will help you break free from the trap of stagnancy and de-growth in your business and will give your foundational information to grow and scale your business

By the end of this workshop you will become a much smarter and strategic business owner! 

Rated 4.9⭐ by 30,000 + Business Owners

What you’ll learn inside this Workshop:

The 5 Step Business Growth Blueprint

Learn a proven step by step framework to scale and expand your business operations

Science of Strategic Business Growth

Once you understand the core principles that drive business growth, your business will become a wealth generation machine

Seting Business on Autopilot

Understanding a 3 step framework to automate your business operations

Effective Leadership For Performance Enhancement

Understand 2 critical focus areas to build a performance first organisation

Rated 4.9⭐ by 30,000 + Business Owners

Unfold Bonuses

Worth Rupess 19,000 /-

Business Growth Mastery E-Book

Get Access to a one stop guide to scale and grow any business strategically

Weekly Trainings with Dr Ameet Parekh

Get access to the most cutting edge knowledge and information on business growth

  • Understand the two brain modes and their impact on decision-making.
  • Learn a secret structured decision-making technique used by top consultants such as Mckinsey, Bain Consulting, BSG, and more.

Decision Framework
Tools & PDFs

Get Access to 7 Mental Models Tools and PDFs on Practical Decision Making, Applicable in Day-to-Day Life

Masterclass with Ashish

Get Access to LIVE Interactive Session with Ashish, where he will discuss

  • Understand the two brain modes and their impact on decision-making.
  • Learn a secret structured decision-making technique used by top consultants such as Mckinsey, Bain Consulting, BSG, and more.

Rated 4.9⭐ by 30,000 + Business Owners

Rated by Students

4.9/5 Stars

This course has been one of the biggest eye openers for me in years!I am not exaggerating – this course is like a red pill! I used to rely on first impressions a lot. Like I used to see people’s faces or talk to them for a little time and then make a judgment. My judgments about people were not always right.And I have faced many heart breaks in my personal life – however now that I have realized what was making that happen in the first place – things will never be the same again! Thank you for making me aware how to evaluate people, situations and our own mind. Now I do not feel that life is unfair or I am unlucky – we are just unaware of what inhibits us from reaching our maximum potential – this course helps us overcome all of that! Very useful course Sir.
Mansi Gadgil

Hiten Panchal

Godrej Safety Products Dealership


  • 77 Lakh Yearly Revenue
  • 6% Profitability
  • Increasing OPEX


  • 26 CR Revenue in 8 Months of Coaching
  • Profitability Growth From 6% To 15%
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Reduced Personal Involvement Of Owner In Day To Day Business Operations

Nasima Murli

Runs A Custom Tailoring Outlet


  • Small Business Set Up In A Tier 3 City
  • Consistent Team Challenges
  • Lack of Strategies & Systems To Grow Revenue


  • Expansion Of Business Operations By Opening A Store At Chennai Airport
  • Developed Robust Recruitment & Team Retention Systems, Resolving All Team Challenges
  • Implemented Marketing Strategies To Acquire International Clients & To Increase Revenue
  • Facilitated & Funded By The Government Of Tamil Nadu For Exceptional Business Growth

Rohit Talwar

Trader, Designer Lights


  • Lead Generation Only Depended On Word Of Mouth
  • Outstanding Payment Collection Challenges
  • Massive Team Productivity Challenges


  • Designed Strategy Lead Generation Campaign (100% Jump MOM)
  • Created Effective Payment Collection Processes
  • Designed Team Capability Building Plan (30% Increment In Team Performance)

Meet your Coach

Dr Ameet Parekh

Multiple Award Winning Business Coach

Dr. Ameet Parekh is Global Leading Business Success Coach & author of ‘Your Mind is Your Enemy’ and ‘Secret of Wealthpreneurs’. He holds a Decade of experience in Building multiple successful businesses. He is a member of the international Coach Federation & he has been awarded multiple times by organizations like the Times of India, Economic Times, ET Newsmake & many more.

He holds a solid background in every aspect of business world, with degrees, more than a decade of corporate experience serving as a National Training head, multiple certifications, numerous associations, and almost a decade of experience in training and coaching business owners.

Rated 4.9⭐ by 30,000 + Business Owners

Rated 4.9⭐ by 30,000 + Business Owners

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What makes this workshop different from any other available in the market


Where is the Workshop?

The Workshop will be hosted ONLINE on ZOOM & you can join from any part of the INDIA, from your mobile or laptop.

What is the date & time of the Workshop?

Sunday 14th May 2023, 9:30 am IST

Will I get reminders before the Workshop begins?

Yes, you will be reminded via emails, SMS & WhatsApp.

Is there any fee to join?

The workshop is usually priced at ₹1999 offline but the online webinar is ₹99 & covers the same content.

Is this a one-way or interactive Workshop?

It’s an interactive live workshop.

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Register For The Workshop For ₹1999 ₹99

Register For The Workshop For ₹1999 ₹99

Register For The Workshop For ₹1999 ₹99